Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed, is...gone. 

It's been kind of going out with a whimper for some time now, hampered by two things: first of all, a failure on my part to keep up with everything in the league while still keeping all the other things going on my life. Second, the site has been ailed with chronic technical issues for a couple of years now and that has, on the one hand, compounded the aforementioned issue while at the same time made me question whether it's really worth it to go through all the headache of straightening out the problems on the "webmaster" end. 

You've probably noticed my uncharacteristic lack of posts regarding the 2014 season. Since I started this blog, I've seen the Alaska Baseball League improve greatly, especially in terms of its web presence. Also during that time my family has grown, I've graduated college and embarked upon a career, and gotten back into the local music scene (which is a passion I neglected while completing my degree). Therefore it seems like a good time to reconsider my relationship with Alaska baseball in the future, be it as a blogger or just a fan. 

I'm not saying that this site is gone forever, but it may be, and if it does return it will probably have a much different feel and will need a major face-lift for sure! So while I consider whether to revamp the site or just hang up the proverbial spikes, I encourage you to get out there and enjoy the game, wherever and however that may be.



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