7/17/10 Odds & Ends: Non-existent edition

Hey guys! I’m not going to write much today because in about an hour I’ll be headed in for the scout’s showcase in Anchorage. I figure rather than babbling on a  bout miscellaneous stuff, you’d rather I go cover some actual games, so I’ll spare you all this weekend.

Really quick though, I want to leave you guys a note on how the end of the season is going to roll out around here. My real work is taking me away from the league for the last week of the season and I’ll be away from home for about a month. I imagine I will have internet where I’m going but probably not great internet and either way, not a lot of free time. Don’t worry. I’m going to write enough stuff in advance (player profiles and such) to pick up the slack so there will not be a severe drop in the amount of goodness posted to the site, and I’ll do my best to keep writing while I’m out and about even though it will probably be at a slower pace.

Now, to the nuts and bolts. I’ve got about a week left in civilization. I have three goals. 1) Stay for the night cap of today’s scout’s showcase (I originally planned to bail after the first two games, 2) Catch a game in Kenai, 3) Catch a game in Fairbanks. That’s a pretty tall order considering I have just one week left to be here. But I’m going to discuss it with the family and see what I can fit in. If I get two out of those three I will be satisfied. If I can’t get at least two, I would prefer to pull off tonight’s last game. My goal here, in case you  haven’t figured it out, is to see every team one last time before we wrap it up.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: The plan is now to go to all three scout showcase games to see every team one last time, and then pack it in. If it’s convenient, I will try to get to any additional games I can, but I have some other loose ends to tie up and I won’t be pushing the envelope for one more ballgame. These last three games at Mulcahy will probably be the final ones of my season, so if you’ve been waiting to come say hi, do it tonight!

So I’ll let you know! I’ll be at the park tonight in Anchorage. I’d say look for the guy with the camera bag and notebook, but it’s a scout’s showcase, so hopefully there will be lots of guys there with notebooks and bags. So you’ll just have to look hard, or hold a sign that says “jjack” or something. Peace!

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Article by Jesse Jack

Jesse Jack is a life-long Alaskan (except for a stint in Montana) who studies Civil Engineering at the University of Alaska Anchorage from August through May, and lives at the ballpark during June and July.
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