9/11/2010 Odds & Ends – Housekeeping Edition

“Spaceman” notches another pro win; Gorgen heads to D-Backs.

Bill Lee, the oldest pitcher to win a pro game. Photo courtesy of Goldpanners.com

Hey folks, we’ve got some actual news this week. And I’m backing that up with some info on where this blog is headed. Basically, it’s time for some “fall cleaning” around here and I want your input, so see below!

- So oldschool Goldpanner Bill “Spaceman” Lee won his outing for the indy Brockton Rox this past week and has apparently become, at 63 years of age, the oldest player to win a professional baseball game. It took him only — wait for it — 63 pitches in 5 1/3 innings to pick up the victory, and he did not walk a man. Here’s one little article on the event.

- In some pro prospect news, former Anchorage Bucs reliever Matt Gorgen has been sent packing to the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. He was a “player to be named later” in the Chad Qualls trade, and was leading the class-A Southern League in saves this year with 22. Matt was previously with Tampa Bay.

- Considering that it’s the off-season and things have slowed down a bit, and we’ve got some time to figure things out before the next season, I’d like to open up the floor to any suggestions or comments about how to improve 49thStateHardball.com. Tell me what you like, tell me what you don’t like. Tell me something you’d like to see that I don’t do. Tell me something that I do do, that you don’t want to see. It can be about the content of the site, the layout, a specific type of article, whatever. One specific idea I’ve been toying with since, well, the beginning of this site has been moving from a classic blog format to something more like a news-style website as far as the layout and organization is concerned, so any comments in that department would be much appreciated!

- Toward that end, I’ll be doing some spiffying up around here. I’m going to maintain some of the more static features; I’ll be updating the pro prospect table and the blog roll. I’ll be adding in some features to replace some of the ones I made room for and never used. Eventually I may entertain the idea of updating the layout and things like that. Before spring hits we’ll also look at the draft eligible players and update the top draft picks!

Well, that wraps it up this week. I would like to inform you that I have a four-day weekend and you probably don’t. Awesome! But on a more serious note, and without getting this blog into any sticky messes like politics, foreign policy, and religion, I’d like to humbly suggest that everyone take a moment (if you haven’t done so already) and reflect on the significance of the day and spend a personal moment of remembrance. Thanks. See you guys Monday with another scouting video.

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Article by Jesse Jack

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